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Management & control of efficiency energy

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Success story: Energy efficiency company

The company is dedicated to the energy efficiency sector and its processes are influenced by various factors, which is why we include two types of sensors; our temperature and humidity indoor meters ecco TEMP, ecco TEMP CO2 , ecco TEMP VOC and ecco TEMP PM for all processes in which the ambient temperature influences and also, where the particles that make up the indoor air can be harmful, thus favoring at optimal IAQ levels and on the other hand, the transmitter ecco GAS ATEX, ecco MODBUS and ecco POWER. They transmit data related to the increase in electricity and gas consumed. In this way, we optimize the use of energy to avoid losses or waste.

Success story: Freight transport

Many of the vehicles and its merchandise are stolen because of the routes of said transport do not have a wireless network or their GPS are inhibited.

To solve this, we designed a plan with our tracker ecco TRAIL and our tracker ecco TRAIL WI-FI sensors.

They communicate through the LPWA network and send the data to an external platform chosen by the customer. Also, they are anti-jammer.

Programmed geolocation & anti-jammer


Merchandise geolocation & savings on containers purchase

Success story: Gym

In this case, our client uses merchandise containers to transport their products around the world. These containers used to be lost or stolen on their way.

In addition, many of the routes where this merchandise travels do not have extensive mobile coverage. For this reason, our tracker ecco TRACK fits perfectly because they do not need a wireless network or SIM, they have a low cost and their battery is long-lasting.

Success story: University

The air that surrounds us is composed of three particles: CO2, PM and VOC.

Inadequate indoor air quality levels correlate with health issues, such as pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

Studies even show that an inappropriate IAQ directly affects concentration. Is for that our client wanted to improve that situation introducing our temperature and humidity indoor meters ecco TEMP, ecco TEMP CO2 , ecco TEMP VOC, and ecco TEMP PM sensors at its facilities.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) control 

Temperature control of cold stores for a proper operation


Success story: Restaurant

Sometimes, due to power outages or malfunctions in the cold room operating system, the temperature becomes out of adjustment or rises and falls suddenly. Due to them, large quantities of products can be lost.

In this case, we designed a plan with our temperature and humidity metter COOLER temperature thermometer and our current detector VOLT. In this way the customer is notified by a notification if the power has gone out or if any of his cold rooms has suffered a temperature change.

Success story: Vacation rentals

The properties are usually empty at certain times of the year and therefore unprotected. In many cases, they also do not have an internet connexion or phone line.

We offer to our client, a company dedicated to the management of these properties, a pack of our security solutions; current detector VOLT, water leak detector LEAK, smart alarm indoor & outdoor WATCHSPOT and perimeter control sensor XSAFE.

Monitoring & control of condominium facilities with security solutions  


Prevent copper theft & protect level crossings

metro station

Success story: Rail network

Since some of the stations are in remote and unsecured locations, there are many copper thefts. To solve it, we installed the perimeter control sensor X SAFE, which detects vibrations in the sewers and the smart alarm indoor & outdoor WATCHSPOT which detects movement. 

On the other hand, most of the level crossings are unprotected and without security. Being automatic, if the power goes out, they stop working which could cause accidents. To avoid this we installed the current detector VOLT.

Success story: Rack maintenance

Due to a rise in temperature or a power outage, racks stop working automatically, thus causing the loss of all information.

In the event of a power outage, the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) operate for a period of time, but when they stop, the system shuts down completely. To avoid it, we installed our current detector VOLT.

In addition, if the room temperature exceeds the recommended levels, the systems will cease to be operational. For this reason, we installed our indoor thermometer TERMO.

Control of power outages & operating temperature ranges   

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Staff working hours control

success case remote station nettrotter

Success story: Remote stations

Some workplaces, such as remote stations, ski resorts, maritime lighthouses or control towers are located in areas where the connection is very weak or even non-existent, which makes it difficult to control the check in and check out of the workers.

The micro-base station allows you to expand coverage in these areas, and thanks to our IoT solutions, in this case, the badge reader PASS and the type of connection they use (LPWA from Sigfox), we solve this problem.

Success story: Casino

Due to the volume of people frequenting the casino, some orders took longer and some customers were impatient.

To solve this, we implemented our request button ASK. In this way, the staff receives an immediate alert in their mobile app with the client request.

At the same time, we implemented our badge reader PASS, for an efficient registration of workers check in and check out.

Efficiency in customer service & control of staff working hours