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What is IoT?

Internet Of Things

Able to bring disruptive innovation in every sector of society.

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the next step towards the digitization of our society and economy, drawing to merge physical and virtual worlds. With IoT potentially every physical object, from sensors to everyday objects, will be interconnected through communication networks and able to gather, interpret, communicate and eventually react to information shared with other objects in the network.

Sigfox is a telecommunication network dedicated to objects available since 2015, for more than 90% of the population in Italy and in over 70 countries worldwide..

A NETTROTTER solution can work in Milan as well as in Madrid, London, Cape Town, etc. without interruptions or additional costs!

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Sigfox technology is part of the Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology and is characterized by:

low consumption nettrotter
Low consumption

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Resistance to jamming

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Without roaming

LPWA by Sigfox

Low Power Wide Access Technology

SigFox has created a new, innovative wireless communication protocol that provides all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of its predecessors: excellent range and security, very low power consumption, low complexity and total control of ownership. This is accomplished by employing an Ultra Narrow Band wireless technology, operating in the 868MHz license-free ISM band, resulting in a long-range communication, with very low energy consumption, while maintaining a simple and scalable star-based cell infrastructure. The Low Power Wide Access technology designed by SigFox addresses the growing market of Internet-of-Things applications and their particular requirements. It is the ideal solution for any connected-application requiring simplicity-of-use, a contained cost and low energy consumption, with the added benefits of excellent security, scalability and support for mobility.

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The SIGFOX network is designed for small messages sent every now and then. It is not appropriate for high-bandwith usages (multimedia, permanent broadcast).

Its focus on energy efficiency allows you to build connected devices able to last years on a standard battery.

About Sigfox...

SIGFOX is an operated telecommunication network, dedicated to the Internet of Things.

It is an operated network, meaning you do not have to handle any installation or maintenance operations.

SIGFOX is seamless and out-of-the box, allowing you to forget about communication and keep focused on the core of your project.

It is a LPWA (Low-Power Wide-Area) network, currently deployed in Western Europe, San Francisco, and with ongoing tests in South America & Asia.

The SIGFOX network allows a bidirectional communication, both from & to the device.
The communication is always initiated by the device.

Sigfox Technology

Sigfox network

The Sigfox network operates on sub-GHz frequencies, on ISM bands : 868MHz in Europe/ETSI & 902MHz in the US/FCC. It uses an Ultra-Narrow Band (UNB) modulation, which is key to our ability to provide a scalable & high-capacity network. With a 162dB budget link SIGFOX enables long range communications, with much longer reach than GSM. There is no negotiation between the device and a receiving station. The device simply emits in the available frequency band (+/- its own frequency shift). The signal is detected by the closest base stations, decoded & forwarded to the network backend. Deduplication & other protocol operations are handled by the network itself. Messages are then forwarded to your own application, and made accessible using SIGFOX’s API. Each message is authenticated using a hash mechanism, and a private key specific to the device. This offers a great protection against replay attacks. The SIGFOX radio protocol also offers a great resistance to interferers.

Sigfox technical specifications

Sigfox specifics

Message size You can send up to 12 bytes (96 bits) per message. The protocol metadata already includes a timestamp & the device unique id. Number of messages The maximum number of messages that can be sent each day is 140. This limitation is introduced, in part, to comply with regulations. The european regulation governing the 868MHz band enforces a transmission duty cycle of 1%. A unique device is therefore not allowed to emit more than 1% of the time each hour and since emission of a message can take up to ~6 seconds, this allows up to 6 messages per hour.

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REPEATER expands the range of the SIGFOX RC1 network

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