Indoor Air Quality
(IAQ) control 

The air that surrounds us is composed of three particles: CO2, PM and VOC.

Indoor air quality  is a function of three factors: outdoor air quality, building/architectural features and anthropogenic indoor activities. Inadequate indoor air quality levels correlate with health issues, such as pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

Studies even show that an inappropriate IAQ directly affects concentration. Is for that our client wanted to improve that situation introducing our temperature and humidity indoor meters ecco TEMP, ecco TEMP CO2 , ecco TEMP VOC, and ecco TEMP PM at its facilities.


Universities and schools are indoor spaces where air quality can vary more significantly throughout the day because of the changes in occupancy, the very nature of the space and ventilation routes.

Thanks to our platform, the client can control the media of IAQ particles levels and take action in this regard to maintain adequate levels.

Relevant benefits for the company:

The air we breathe is very important, especially in the case of students due to the influence on their concentration. that is why with our solutions:



Due to our devices have a great sensitivity to measure these particles, the university manager has continuous information about the proportion and levels of CO2, PM and VOC at different spaces.



Because of this information, very simple actions can be taken to improve air quality: ventilate the classrooms or affected areas, space the entrance and exit of students or reduce the capacity of certain spaces to guarantee an adequate IAQ.



After the implementation of our solutions system, students and their parents or guardians trust and feel much more protected at the university and its facilities.

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