Control of power outages &
operating temperature ranges

Due to a rise in temperature or a power outage, racks stop working automatically, thus causing the loss of all information.

In the event of a power outage, the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) operate for a period of time, but when they stop, the system shuts down completely. To avoid it, we installed our current detector VOLT.

In addition, if the room temperature exceeds the recommended levels, the systems will cease to be operational. For this reason, we installed our indoor thermometer TERMO.

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Relevant benefits for the company:

After the installation of our solutions, the client has achieved:



Due to the fact that there is an exhaustive control of the operation of the racks, it is ensured that they never lose any of their functions.



Real-time detection of power failures, optimizing the time available for the UPS.



When the upper threshold is exceeded or the lower threshold of optimal operation is not reached, the TERMO sends a notification to the app to take action, avoiding the deterioration and malfunction of the equipment.

These are the solutions installed in this case:

VOLT by ealloora
TERMO by ealloora
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