Merchandise geolocation &
savings on containers purchase

In this case, our client uses merchandise containers to transport their products around the world. These containers used to be lost or stolen on their way, which, although the cost of the containers is low, was a huge loss for the company.

In addition, many of the routes where this merchandise travels do not have extensive mobile coverage. For this reason, our tracker ecco TRACK devices fit perfectly because they do not need a wireless network or SIM, they have a low cost and their battery is long-lasting.


Currently, our tacker ecco TRACK is installed in more than 6000 containers

We draw up a plan with our devices to which we add the software design of a specific platform through which the client can continuously track and inventory the status of their merchandise, from a total vision of the routes to the detailed information of each container, supplier. and recipient in addition to being able to plan the supply chain in advance and act effectively in the event of the loss or theft of a container, which can be replaced.

Relevant benefits for the company:

Thanks to the implementation of our product, the merchandise containers are continuously located. For that reason we have achieved:



Previously, the client bought containers every 5 months, currently, the last purchase was made 21 months ago thanks to the fact that they are tracked and in this way, they can be located in case of theft.



Approximately 800 containers were found during the tracking activity.

Therefore, the client can optimize its use.



Thanks to the platform specifically developed for the client, activity can be continuously tracked and inventoried automatically without the need of human control.

This is the solution installed in this case:

ecco TRACK
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