Monitoring & control of condominium facilities
with security solutions

Many times, an owner with several properties decides to allocate some of them for vacation rentals. These properties are usually empty at certain times of the year and therefore unprotected. In many cases, they also do not have an internet conexion or phone line.

For all these reasons, we offer to our client, a company dedicated to the management of these properties, a pack of our security devices; current detector VOLT, water leak detector LEAK, smart alarm indoor & outdoor WATCHSPOT and perimeter control sensor X SAFE.

They do not need Wi-Fi, they have long-lasting batteries and the light does not even need to be activated.


Relevant benefits for the company:

Thanks to the implementation of our solutions, owners have obtained:



The greatest benefit of this project has been the tranquility of the owners. With a very low investment, their properties are protected. Our sensors send a notification to the ealloora app in case of detecting any change in its functions.



Controlling the temperature allows optimizing energy management. Typically, one household thermostat is the only one and the sensor is located in a main room. By having thermometers in different rooms, the temperature distribution of the accommodation provides guests comfort.



If the power goes out, if there is any water loss or if someone enters the house, our devices immediately notify the owner to be able to solve it before a disaster occurs.

These are the solutions installed in this case:

VOLT by ealloora
LEAK by ealloora
WATCHSPOT by ealloora
X SAFE by ealloora
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