Prevent copper theft &
protect level crossings

Within the train station facilities, there are several copper facilities. Since some of the stations are in remote and unsecured locations, there are many copper thefts. To solve it, we installed the  perimeter control sensor X SAFE, which detects vibrations in the sewers and the smart alarm indoor & outdoor WATCHSPOT which detects movement. In addition, all our devices have a large coverage which covers far away spaces.

On the other hand, most of the level crossings are unprotected and without security. Being automatic, if the power goes out, they stop working which could cause accidents. To avoid this we installed the current detector VOLT.

The three devices constantly monitor the areas and send alerts through the ealloora app if they detect any change in status.

metro station

Relevant benefits for the company:

Thanks to the implementation of these 3 IoT solutions, the following benefits have been obtained:



The copious thefts of copper were huge investments for the company. After installing the sensors, this investment has been reduced by a very high percentage.



Thanks to the current detector, if a level crossing stops working, the sensor sends a notification to the platform. By this way, the problem can be solved immediately, thus reducing the possibility of an accident occurring.



Our devices are anti-damping which ensures that they cannot be deactivated and fulfill their function properly.

These are the solutions installed in this case:

VOLT by ealloora
X SAFE by ealloora
WATCHSPOT by ealloora
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