Leveraging its patented UNB technology, SIGFOX brings a revolution to the M2M and Internet of Things world by enabling large-scale connection of objects. Reliable, long range and robust, the SIGFOX offer means groundbreaking prices, extremely low power consumption, and massive reduction of the customers’ carbon footprint.

SIGFOX has teamed up with leading infrastructure owners to facilitate deployment and operations. One of these partners is TDF:

"By accompanying SIGFOX’s growth, TDF bolsters its positioning in a rapidly growing telecoms market. This is an ambitious project, for which TDF provides SIGFOX with its solid expertise in radio engineering, deployment, operation, and maintenance of telecoms infrastructures. By trusting us, SIGFOX is looking ahead to a future populated by communicating objects which will transform and ease our lives" says Christine Landrevot, Head of TDF’s Telecoms and Services business unit.

According to Ludovic Le Moan, SIGFOX Chief Executive Officer, "the large number of TDF sites enables us to increase our coverage and enhance the quality of service that SIGFOX delivers to its customers. Our low-throughput communications cellular network is now ready to support billions of objects. The new dimension added by the use of TDF’s infrastructure for SIGFOX’s disruptive technology, rings the bell of a new era: the Internet of Things."