SMOCKEO is a connected smoke detector, able to warn you anywhere in case of fire. With 5 years autonomy, it is independent from the electrical grid, and your wi-fi.

Your detector gives access to your SMOCKEO space, from which you can configure your notification options, select contacts to warn in case of alert, and check on the general state or your detectors : are they all functioning properly ? Do any have a critical battery level ? Are they tested regularly ? All of your information is available in a few clics or on your smartphone

For social contractors, installers or insurance companies, the SMOCKEO platform is a perfect way to assess the state of a large number of detectors, from a custom space designed specifically for their needs.

  • Real time prevention in case of incident by phone, SMS, email and notification, according to your preferences.
  • Aiming for EN14604 and NF DAAF certifications
  • 5 years autonomy
  • No network configuration is necessary
  • Complete platform, easily manage a large amount of detectors

The iQMENIC platform has been designed separating the sensor nodes from the applications which will allow to design specific approaches for different markets and to interoperate with the existing IoT platforms and existing sensor manufacturers and other IoT players. All products developed using Sigfox communication system will be able to use iQmenic as the platform.