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NetherlandsAereaAerea is a former Intel® brand known for it’s Wimax services in Amsterdam. Aerea does not just focus on Wimax anymore as it has grown to fill in the gaps of niche connectivity:

  • SIGFOX network operator for M2M and IoT
  • 4G connections in our 3.5GHz,
  • Fiber internet service provider
  • City WiFi operator
  • Event connectivity
  • Point-to-Point connections

In 2013 Aerea installed and own the wifi networks in Vlieland and Leeuwarden. Aerea has provided a full IT service for the KLM Open, Kite Tour Europe, Red Bull Surf competition and many, many more high-profile. As a niche player Aerea is looking forward to creating traction in the M2M and IoT market. System integrators are demanding high coverage and long battery life. At the moment, Wimax and GSM are not sufficient. SIGFOX will accelerate Aerea's business in the petrochemical, parking, smart metering and sensing markets. Its ambition is to be the leading M2M operator in the Netherlands by 2016.