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VT Networks and SIGFOX will connect Ireland and the world to the ‘Internet of Things’. SIGFOX technology allows millions of devices to connect to our network at ultra-low power requirements, with simple plug and play protocol and at very low cost. Our nationwide network allows cities, businesses and people to take control of their devices, assets and systems in ways that had previously been impossible.


VT Networks is an infrastructure and solutions provider within the ‘Internet of things’ (IoT) space.  We are bringing the ‘Internet of things’ into your businesses, cities and homes. We help businesses leverage IoT to improve processes, collect previously unseen data and offer new levels of security and monitoring of assets. Our nationwide infrastructure allows us to operate at the forefront of M2M and IoT communication. Our network partner 2RN distributes and transmits the programme services for Ireland’s national television and radio broadcasters, while also providing much of the infrastructure for Ireland’s telco’s and emergency services. VT Networks is firmly focused on adding value and solving our customer’s problems using IoT.  Connect your world to the ‘Internet of Things’.