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Carriots is an application hosting and development platform specially designed for projects related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M). It makes it very easy to collect data from your connected objects, store it, and build powerful applications with few lines of Groovy code. Developers know that time-to-market and low development costs are critical to success. Carriots provides a simple development environment, robust APIs and worry-free hosting, you can accelerate your application development and take advantage of simple scalability as the application and the number of your devices grows. Don’t re-invent the Wheel, use Carriots App Engine. 

You can easily integrate your application with external IT systems through CARRIOTS powerful APIs, web services, and a completely hands-free hosting environment that automatically scales to meet any demand, whether you’re serving several devices or several million.

Benefits of using Carriots:

  • Ready to start developing: Our development platform and application hosting are on the cloud with FREE account able to manage up to 10 devices. You don’t have to buy or maintain any infrastructure. You can start prototyping and deploying applications to your users in a matter of hours. 
  • Reduce time of development to the minimum: Our platform provides lots of modules that are common to any M2M project, like Data Collection, Data Storage, Security, Device Management and many more. Just focus on your app.
  • Multiple projects management made simple: Carriots includes a 7 level architecture to build projects for diferent customers and building as many M2M apps as you need. 
  • Rich set of APIs and powerful SDK. Build feature-rich services faster with Carriots easy-to-use APIs and an SDK where you can write your scripts in Groovy language. 
  • Immediate scalability: There’s almost no limit to how high or how quickly your app can scale. Our platform can scale up to hundreds of millions of devices and customers. 
  • It is Free to start then pay for what you use: Get started without any upfront costs and build and app for up to 10 devices. If you need to serve more devices pay only for the resources you use as your application grows. 
  • Worry-free application hosting: Carriots is platform on the cloud with global infrastructure delivering seamless scalability. We care about maintaining and monitoring the system for you.